Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Memory Lane

My family and I commuted everyday from the south-side of Chicago to the west-side. Both of my parents worked out west and at the time they attended separate churches located down the street from one another (one of the many fabrics of my life) - I digress. One Wednesday night me, my dad and my cousin were on our way to Bible study. I was no more than 9 or 10 years old. I remember being supremely annoyed by my cousin's presence and her drawing on the frosted rear window of our 1980 something Mercury Caprice. Mustard yellow might I add. When all of a sudden a car SLAMS!!! right into the back of our car. I don't remember much after that except the accident took place directly in front of Walgreens on 71st and Jeffery. Out of no where a man comes up and pulls from his Walgreens bag cotton balls and peroxide and aids my cousin whose upper lip appeared to be split in half. She had to get several stitches. My father and I walked away with a headache.

When we later saw the car- it resembled an accordian. Unbelievable. We were able to walk away with our very lives.

I Heart Walgreens

I started this blog at 5:55 am to tell the world how much Walgreens means to me. No matter what, Walgreens has always been there- from relaxer to toothpaste to Limon Lays - Walgreens has me covered. Sure, I've experienced disappointment. I was devastated when they stopped carrying my favorite Loreal lip gloss but like any relationship we discussed what was going on (I spoke with a manger), things were explained and we continued to strengthen what we have built over time.

I will continue to blog about my beloved Walgreens until our journey ends. For now, don't expect to hear about deals, coupon savers or the like - Just my love affair with Walgreens.